Saturday, April 23, 2011

# 51st Birthday :: Steve "Steaming" Clark

Steve in front of Yellow Light

"Then every time I turn around,
And you're nowhere to be found.
I know.

I gotta long, long way to go,
Before I can say goodbye to you.
Oh, I gotta long, long way I know,
Before I can say goodbye.To all I ever knew."

- Long Long Way To Go


Today Apr 23, 2011 is what would be the 51st birthday of Steve.

Happy 51st birthday to our Riffmaster. Rock In Peace, Steve.
Apr 23, 1960 -- Jan 8, 1991

Stay tune for more in here .....

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

# On The Lose

Dreamer, oh how she cast the spell
Deceiver, for her he'd live in hell
He would sell his soul and walk into the unknown

Midnight, alone in the ring of stones
Moonlight, always so bright and cold
The deal is made when the moon is full
Oh yeah
When he will change from a man into wolf again

No going back
The deal is made and now he must pay

- Victory, On The Lose