Friday, January 8, 2010

# Keep Rocking Heaven :: Stephen Maynard Clark

There where too many demons, too much pain.
Now the music has stopped. Your guitar no longer reverbs from your fingers. Your song is done.
But we will forever have you close to our hearts. For you left us with wonderful melodies that play on.

We thank you as we miss you.

Keep Heaven Rockin' Steve.

- White Lighning With Love -

It was a tragic day for the band and the fans, for many looks like it was yesterday.
the band was working on adrenalize album, he couldn't finish the album but he contributed on the most part of the songs, he did't record it but his riffs master are on those songs.

He was replaced by Vivian Campbell next year, is ironic but vivian is the new guy and he has more time in the band than Steve, so weird.

Fortunately the band has never stopped, they still making records and tours, thank you guys.

Steve thank you for all those years of Pyromania and Hysteria days you were the man.
We miss you, and you are two steps ahead, god bless you.


- Eddieleppard on TODAY 19 YEARS AGO STEVE CLARK FROM DEF LEPPARD PASSED AWAY, Mama's Fallen January 8,2010


hi Steve,

It is your day again of the year. i hope you are doing great in Heaven.
19 years on, but you are still deeply missed, cherished and remembered by us the Def Leppard fans. A good friend of yours, of Tesla, wrote Song and Emotion; and Vivian Campbell, the new bandmate of yours, wrote the song To Be Alive ... both of which for the remembrance and tribute to you.

i've read of fans of Def Leppard out there who can't believe it has been 19 years... it feels like just yesterday, and it's still shocking.

A lot of them think you are the reason they picked up the guitar for the first time, for you have been an extremely underrated guitarist and a true legend.

Some said they still have the AP report that it came across over while they were working at a radio station in Portland,Or.

Some said every time they saw Def Leppard live, when Joe sang Armageddon It, they heard the line "C'mon Steve, get it" in their head, and felt your spirit there at every show.

Some said they miss you every now and then... that smile of your style, that Gibson hanging down to your knees twisting and spinning, and that side step march you had.

Some of them shared their story of walking a couple blocks in the pouring rain to a pay phone and called the radio station, as they thought they heard it wrong about the news of your passing on the radio ....

If tears could make a staircase and heartaches make a lane, we shall walk the path to heaven and bring you back with us again ..

Despite the awfulness we feel for the loss of you, we remember you as an unparallel guitarist, a great band mate, and a true friend who was best at what you did and loved.

Your legend is still living on, through your music.
Keep Heaven Rocking, the Riffmaster.

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