Saturday, April 17, 2010

# Phil Collen at NAMM 2010 - Abaheim

Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen brought some surprises to fellow fans and visitors in NAMM 2010, Jan 16 at Abaheim with his custom hand-painted anniversary Jackson guitars, live performance on stage with his own group Man Raze, not to mention the offstage interaction with his fans ! We could see Phil is very much energetic at his age..

NAMM 2010, Phil Collen video documenting building of the 30th Anniversary PC1

Video courtesy of Jackson Guitars &; showcased Phil's unique skills in guitar painting, this time on Jackson PC1 guitar. Only 30 of these guitars have been made, as it is to celebrate Jackson's 30th anniversary.

In this clip, Phil even paint Japanese & Chinese word & having fun time with Japanese guy besides him :-
-his name Phil in Japanese, which he had been practicing for some times ...
-number (six in English) on the guitar !
-followed by some guitar shredding session

As Phil put it on his Facebook page ...
"The Jackson Splatter PC1 30th Anniversary History....These are 30 guitars that I painted myself to celebrate 30 years of Jackson guitars. I signed each one with my name in Japanese. I chose Japanese because it looks cool and I have a really good history with Japan; great memories as well as really loyal fans. "

Phil Collen visits the Jackson booth

Phil, in his usual personable & humble way, demo & talked about his hand painted,Custom Shop Dinky and other PC1 models at the 2010 Jackson Showcase booth.

Phil Collen talks about his PC1 guitars

Phil explained to visitors and fans about his hand-painted, Custom Shop Dinky and other PC1 models at the 2010 Jackson Showcase booth. Listen to Phil's humor about his hand-painting -- he used the word "splashing" !!

Phil Collen Signs Autographs

Phil was signing autographs near the Jackson booth, chatting and posing with fans for photo shoot.. 0:42 onwards ...

Mick Mars meets Phil Collen - Backstage @ Fender Booth NAMM 2010

Motley Crue guitarist Mick Mars greeting & posing with Phil for some photo shoot !!
"dark side meets the good side" -- as a fan GibsonWpg put it.

Phil as the frontman with his side-project, Man Raze team, showcased his unique vocal along with his great guitar riff on his signature Jackson guitar, the PC-1. It was in a small room at Fender area of the convention center during NAMM 2010 and Phil played Hendrix's classic "Fire" :-

Phil in Manraze @ NAMM 2010 by Margaret

Phil Collen @ Fender_NAMM 2010

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