Tuesday, December 8, 2009

# Happy Birthday :: Phil Collen

i recall the 'Terror Twins'. And this knock some senses into me that, the riff that are the closest to Steve's is by no one but Phil Collen.

Yeah .. Steve's stage moves and the soul-touching riff are distinct and unparallel. But Phil has captured the essence and integrated into Phil's own style, or Phil+Steve style. Unmistakable. Just like Steve's.

Phil has been carrying on the spirit of Steve. Shall i say Phil has made Def Leppard complete since the lost of Steve ?

It seems like, with his health condition history of pneumonia and his quit from drinking in the 80s after he blacked out one night, Phil has been taking very good care of his body. Practicing as a vegetarian. Keeping a disciplined healthy life-style. Daily jogging... And what's most importantly, Phil is a very positive-minded musician!

It's such a coincidence. i just happened to bump into Phil's Facebook page on yesterday -- 1 day before Phil's birthday, when i came across 1 of the Def Leppard fans updates on Facebook which featured the news of Phil's band, Man Raze Street Team. What a bless for me.

Today marks the 52 years of Phil. i sort of wondering : what would be in Phil's mind every year when Phil having birthday celebration, blessed with birthday greetings from the fans around the world .... while the memorial day, Jan 8, of his dearest late band mate, Steve, would be exactly 1 month away ?
Would Phil still feel the occasional heart-wrenching about the lost of his good buddy all these 18 years ? .....

i wish i could have the chance speaking to Phil about these questions i've been wondering. If only i could...

By the way, Happy Birthday to Phil !

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