Saturday, November 28, 2009

# Happy Belated Thanksgiving

hi Steve,

How are you doing in Heaven ? i wish you're doing great jamming guitar with the rest over there.

i came across a story today by Neil Gaiman and thought i would like to share some pieces with you...

M.O.D. : Messenger of Death
DEATH : God of Death
Matt : child who lost his mother in 911 tragedy

M.O.D. : So why climb The Big Wheel ?

Matt : i'm going to jump. And i'm going to die. i'm going to go to God.

M.O.D. : You want to see your mother again ? Because it doesn't work like ....

Matt : No, Dummy. You don't get it. Mom's dead. i want an explanation.


M.O.D. : So tell me, what happens if you hit the ground and die and there is nothing after ?

Matt : Then i won't be around to care, will i ?

M.O.D. : Look .... it's not that easy. Let me tell you what you get. You get Life, and Breath, a land to walk... And the free will to wander the world as you choose.

Matt : If God made the world, then God made the Bad things happen ....

M.O.D. : People made the bad things happen, Matt. People built the city on the island. People cast down the towers. Don't go blaming God for it.

DEATH : Some people want to argue. Some are contented to just let it go.

Matt : My mom ....

DEATH : Died doing the right thing. There are worse death.

M.O.D. : Listen, Matt, everybody dies. Just as everything created is eventually destroyed.

Matt : Then what's the point of anything ?

DEATH : The point ? Walk the world. Help to feed the hungry. Help comfort those in pain. Do what you can to leave world a better place.

Matt : That's just words. It doesn't mean anything.

M.O.D. : No? Matt, you can jump off The Wheel, if you want. But whatever happen to you after that, you will get no more of an answer than the one we just gave you.

Matt : It's just so hard.
DEATH : It's always hard. Ride The Wheel, Matt.


Hope you enjoy these pieces of the story, Steve. i guess besides me, all other Def Leppard fans and followers out there as well,have been so grateful to have your music work in their life.

By the way, i just want to wish you, Happy Belated Thanksgiving !

- R.I.P. -

Note : Excerpt from story 'The Wheel', in collection The Absolute Death, by Neil Gaiman.

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