Friday, November 6, 2009

# Ah ... i Finally Found the Astro Analysis of Him ...

Astrology analysis is part of my interest; especially analysis for anyone that i find
interesting, or worth remembering, because i think it helps me to understand about a person in greater depth.

i was stunned again and again after reading a few pieces of articles about the rise and fall
of late Steve Clark, the ex-guitarist of Def Leppard. And then i told myself to search for astrology analysis about Steve during my spare time.

Initial attempts of looking up the web were kind of disappointing. i didn't get a single
result that i have been looking for. Or, perhaps the key words i used were not accurate
enough. So i put it aside for a couple of days.

Today i happened to stumble upon a website on chinese astrology, which prompt users to enter birth date and time. The idea came from here. Looking up Steve's name together with the words birth time, get me a list of relevant web links.

i kept on searching. God blessed. i finally found a few websites which are exactly what i've been searching for. And now, i start reading up every tiny pieces of the analysis ....

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