Thursday, November 19, 2009

# Quotes by Musician/ Guitar Masters

Borrowed from Bon Jovi's quote, on what is an exceptional football player ....

"Good players play with their head,
Great players play with their hearts,
but Extraordinary players play with soul..."

which i think, applies to guitar players as well ..


"Not many guitar players have an original style ..
You can only be **original** if you **show soul in the music you play.

And not many players do that nowadays.
Translating your feelings into music that is recognizable by everyone.
People need to recognize the music you play... From the 1st note you need to be able to tell who's playing ...

When you give your heart to the guitar ... you'll find a friend for life !"

- Eddy Christiani, in handling out Eddy Christiani Award 2008 to Adriaan Vandenberg

[Eddy Christiani Award 2008 for Adriaan Vandenberg in Vlissingen, Holland.

Eddy Christiani --> the first European who played an electric guitar.]


To be a true guitar player ... to be recognized as a true guitar player, he has to figure out how to be **expressive**, with your special message whenver that might be ...

.... But finding a real guitar player who has the original sound, and who can write & play a song ...that makes you cry or makes you excited .. or makes you, you know, look inside your soul ...just makes you feel happy, that's a gift .

- Joe Satriani, on what it mean by a a Good guitar player

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