Friday, November 6, 2009


Musical taste is a preference. Something among the most delicate and finest thing that once planted into your memory, would follow through the rest of your life.

i used to think that i just love the rhythm of 80's rock music, more specifically, rock music with melodic tunes. That's all. i have never really figured out why i had been drawn to it.

It wasn't until my discovery of the legend name 'Steve Clark' of Def Leppard, that i began
having serious thought about the real reason behind my inclination towards music of this kind. It's the rhythm coming from the keyboard, drum beat, guitars, the combination of them all, with guitar riff the strongest influence on me. The riff that have been accompanying me during lost and tough times. The riff that have been part of the reasons to bring me far in life.

The Riffmaster. Thank you for the striking and deeply-moving tunes that made the growing up lesser pain.

This is a place for all guitar-related stuffs, legends, stories, and, partly a tribute to Steve.

= Steve Clark Switch 625 =

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