Monday, November 16, 2009

# When Love and Hate Collide - Demo

The riff that moves. From the DEMO of "When Love and Hate Collide". Last recorded solo by Steve Clark ...

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Fans' comments

Gives me goosebumps knowing that Steve would no longer play after this demo was tracked...
Rock on Steve, you're jamming with the angels now....

- night455, Aug 2009

I like the strings version alot better. the vocals are alot clearer an the songs overall better.
This was done durring the hysteria sessions an you can really hear that time area in it. They rerecording was more adapted to the sound of the slang album. which is probable my 3 fav lep album behind on thrue the night an high and dry

- pimpmasterpercy, June 2009

Wow. Just listened to this for the first time ever. Way better then the final Vault version.

Granted, I like the string arrangements in that one, but the vocal harmonies, Steve Clark guitar solo, and overall sound make this one way better. Now where can I get a copy of this on CD?

- testarossa5150, Feb 2009

It's on the UK single release, but not the US

- 206Bruce, Feb 2009

You can hear the growl of his guitar throughout the song. Unmistakable.

- 206Bruce, Apr 2009

....I've been wanting to hear this version again... Definately brings me to tears... RIP STEVE... This is his last ever solo...

- night455, 2008

The biggest difference is Steve played the lead on this song and Love Bites Phil played lead in the chorus. I still say this version is alot better than the one they released.

- SMCchik, 2008

Yeah I'd like to hear Adrenalize with Steve. That would be dope probley alot of unfinished material and what not but in my opinion so much better. Everyone says to stop living in the past but what Steve brought to the table was something more then just living in the past, "Its something that will never really be revisited but will always be part of the fan nation of Def Leppard"

- ronniemessin, 2008

...he was a light in this dark lonely world RIP sweetie <3

- defleppardgirl36, 2008

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